I can't be the only one waiting on Spring? I was originally super excited about the winter time (for the first time ever btw). Unfortunately Southern California let us down so all we experienced here was a bit more of summer than needed. Now I'm basking in the late rainfall and cool breeze that is the end of this winter as I clutch my credit card in a online shopping haze.

 I'm so ready for the next season it's not a joke. I've already ordered two items from this list and going about obtaining a third. Im excited to continue experimenting. This includes steering away from black. White has become my new obsession. It's so clean and just as cool/badass its darker counterpart. Trendy items are also on the agenda for spring. I'm finally admitting to myself that trends may be worth the bandwagon ride. So we will see how spring awakens my sense of style. 

How do you feel about the seasons changing? Are you excited? And if so what trends are you seeking out in preparation?

Happy Styling


  1. Honestly that bralette would be so cute on you, I neeed you to have ittttt!



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