Today has been an exceptional monday. And by exceptional I mean living up to the standards of a Monday. It started off with me driving to my internship only to find out that we had the day off. I attempted to make up for that by walking around the nearby mall with a fellow intern only to find out/remember that I wouldn't have the validation for the day. An hour later I got home and now I'm just trying to relax for the remainder of the day.

Ya know what? Nothing can cheer you up like novelty items and this cat T-shirt I scored from a Men's section is just that. I'm having fun donning it while trying to look serious. 

Also it's day five of the Who What Wear challenge. I totally missed day three and four which were "Go Big" "Go Home & Try a Boyish" – but I figure I do so all the time on this blog so I get a pass, right? With that said today is "Change Out Your Handbag." The bag is by Coach and it's an oldie but never worn. A middle school graduation present that's quite out of style. But disguised as a clutch it adds to the sophistication the pumps brought to such a playful look.

My only question for you all today is... How's your Monday going?

Happy Styling


  1. Really great look! Thanks for the inspiration :)
    Love, Felicia

  2. Anonymous25.2.14

    you hair is growing so well, i love the colour


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